Changes in access routes and road closures

From October 9th to 16th, the North Access to the main parking lot will be closed. All vehicles will need to enter the main parking lot using the south entrance or they will have to enter from the 10th Avenue entrance. In addition, 18th Street is expected to be fully closed to northbound and southbound vehicular traffic north of the 18th Street crosswalk. Vehicles accessing the school will be traveling northbound along 18th Street via 10th Avenue and making a left-turn at the south access. Vehicles exiting the school will be restricted to right-turn only onto 18th Street. There will certainly be times of increased traffic congestion and the need for caution for vehicular traffic and pedestrians. There will be a Crossing Guard stationed at the North Crosswalk to help manage safe traffic flow.

Click here for a map of the impacted areas.