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      • Cost $75 (early bird price of $50 if purchased before February)
      • Yearbook write-ups deadline: October 15 (Edited by Admin. No abbreviations, non-English words, numbers, or inappropriate language)

Grad Dinner/Dance & Graduation Leaving Ceremony

    • Fees (see VP to discuss payment for events, if needed):
      • School Leaving Ceremony Fee $80
      • Dinner/Dance Ticket $110 (until April 30 $125 after)
      • Dry After Grad (TBA)
    • Criteria for Attendance:
      • Academic achievement: Sem. 1 and Sem. 2 report cards will be looked at carefully.
      • Any student short more than 3 courses for graduation may NOT be invited.
      • Attendance: Students with poor attendance may NOT be invited
      • Citizenship/Behaviour: Students with referrals to the office, suspensions,
        or inappropriate behaviour in their conduct files may NOT be invited
      • Attendance is by invitation only
      • Must meet the criteria in all 3 categories to receive invitation