Program Description

ELL Program

The ELL program supports English Language Learners in Grade 8 – 12 in acquiring social and academic language skills.

  • Social Language Skills: important for daily communication with teachers, peers and community members
  • Academic Language Skills: important for reading, writing, comprehending, expressing and interacting with content-specific materials

Newcomers arriving in Canada will settle and integrate into our school community by attending the ELL program and elective courses. Language acquisition is a journey and our ELL teachers aim to support our students in building a strong language foundation in order to successfully transition into academic courses.

New ELL Course Names
In September 2021, the names of the foundational ELL courses will be changed to the following:

2020-21 2021-22
ELL 1A Language and Literacy Developing English Strategies
ELL 1B Culture Studies Developing English Strategies for Social Studies
ELL 1C Science Application Developing English Strategies for Science
ELL 1D Technical Language Developing English Strategies for Career Life
ELL 2A Language and Literacy Expanding English Strategies
ELL 2B Culture Studies Expanding English Strategies for Social Studies
ELL 2C Science Application Expanding English Strategies for Science

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