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COOK, Steve Applied Skills – Technology
LANDSBERG, Naomi Science & Math

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Are you currently in Grade 7?

  • Do you like learning with your hands?
  • Do you like learning in group collaborative environments?
  • Do you like Math, Art, Technology and Science at the same time?
  • Are you a creative person who likes making things?

If so, the Byrne Creek STEAM Program may be for you!

The STEAM program is an integrated Science,Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math program. Students in the STEAM program will learn skills like Coding, Robotics, Electronics, Drafting, Art (traditional and digital media) and Engineering.

The English 8 curriculum allows students to explore the following BIG IDEAS:

  • Exploring stories and other texts helps us understand ourselves and make connections to others and to the world.
  • People understand text differently depending on their worldviews and perspectives.
  • Texts are socially, culturally, and historically constructed.
  • Questioning what we hear, read, and view contributes to our ability to be educated and engaged citizens.
  • Language and text can be a source of creativity and joy.


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