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FOUQUETTE, Maurice Maurice.Fouquette@burnabyschools.ca Peer Tutoring
FUJIKI, Judy Judy.Fujiki@burnabyschools.ca Leadership – Leo 9-12
LANDSBERG, Naomi Naomi.Landsberg@burnabyschools.ca Leadership – Leo 9-12
MATHERS, Laura Laura.Mathers@burnabyschools.ca Leadership – Student Government 8-12
TBA TBA@burnabyschools.ca Athletic Council
SAWATSKY, Kristen Kristen.Sawatsky@burnabyschools.ca Leadership – Student Government 8-12


Course Descriptions

These courses are full semester electives designed for students interested in people-oriented careers. Students electing to take this course should have good work habits and an excellent attendance record. The primary focus of these courses will be peer tutoring in a junior course. These courses are designed primarily for grades 10-12 students.

This leadership course provides students with the chance to excel, develop positive character traits, and receive recognition for their contributions to the community. Leo Leadership students develop skills as organizers, time managers and motivators of their peers. This course will work to strengthen skill sets as a leader; it will focus on mastering time management, problem solving, organizational skills, delegation techniques and working with children and adults within the school and within the wider community.
*Leo Clubs for young people are part of the Lions Clubs, who are widely known around the world for their long-standing dedication to community service.

Student Government at Byrne Creek runs as a class or a club, depending on your own involvement. It runs afterschool during Y block from 3:20pm to 4:45pm. The club meets on Mondays, while the class meets with the club on Mondays and separately on Thursdays. The difference between the club and the class is that if taken as a class Student Government will be a course in your timetable, 4 credits will be awarded and a mark in your report card will be assigned. Meanwhile the club counts towards service hours and may be the right option for those of you who have a very full schedule. On club meetings (Mondays) our own executive chairs and prepares agendas for the meeting; while on Thursdays students participate in lessons on leadership.

This course is designed to support the athletic culture at Byrne Creek Community School. Students will discuss marketing, brand management, event planning, development of leadership skills, work with our family of schools, and complete basketball & volleyball referee certification. Class meetings are held once a week before school. All other course hours will vary dependent upon which games/events the student is assigned to work.




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